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  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
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If you purchase multiple BLS, ACLS or PALS training courses, you automatically receive a discount that is applied to the total purchase price.

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The team at Rush ACLS is committed to staying up-to-date with the most recent emergency medical practices. Our ACLS, PALS & BLS courses follow 2020 American Heart Association guidelines for CPR and ECC. Our online classes are based on the latest AHA guidelines and are updated regularly.

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All of the exams are multiple choice and 100% online. You must pass the exam with an 80% or greater. If you do not pass the first time, you are given two more attempts. You will be informed as to the questions you answered incorrectly.

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Rush ACLS provides online PALS, ACLS and BLS training to customers throughout the United States and internationally. Our courses are based on the latest AHA guidelines. Try our online courses risk free and find out what thousands of nurses and doctors just like you already know: online recertification is the fastest, easiest way to recertify!

Staying healthy in Ohio

On this page you will find a lot of different helpful tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the state of Ohio. We compiled this information as a resource for our Ohio ACLS, PALS and BLS certification customers. Read below to find out some great ways to be active and healthy in Ohio.

Healthy diet

As our Ohio PALS, BLS and ACLS customers understand, maintaining a healthy diet is one of the keys to ruling out cardiovascular-related emergencies. In the state of Ohio, the rate of obesity close to 30% and the percentage of adults with high cholesterol is about 40%.

Following some of these diet tips can help reduce obesity and high cholesterol:

  • Lower the amount of grains in your diet. If you want to have grains, make sure it is whole grain.

  • Chop up a variety of vegetables like carrots at the beginning of the week and eat those as snacks instead of fried chips or crackers.

  • Have a smaller plate for dinner. It will help you to eat less.

  • Eat slowly. This will give your brain time to record that your stomach is already filled.

  • List out pre-packaged and processed food from your diet.

Please visit this link to read about some more healthy habits.

Physical activity

Along with a healthy diet, a daily dose of physical activity is vital to controlling a healthy heart. Here are some good ways that the residents of Ohio can be more physically active.

Daily routine

It is often difficult to carve out adequate amount of time for exercise. You can, however, make little changes to your daily routine in order to increase your physical activity.

  • Park your car far away from the entrance to the building to increase your walking distance.

  • Take the stairs all the time instead of using the escalator or elevator.

  • Get up and walk around the floor during your breaks at work instead of surfing the Internet.

  • Wash your car using your hand instead of taking it to the car wash.

  • Do some yard work like some carpentry or plant a garden.


Ohio is a great place to bicycle. Bicycling is good for newbies and professionals alike. Here is a site that will help you select some cycling trails in Ohio.

For the children

The childhood obesity rate in Ohio is about 33%. It is no surprise that childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States. Here are some activities in Ohio that for the whole family.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden — 3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium — 9990 Riverside Drive, Powell, OH

Soak City — One Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, OH

Fryer Park — 3899 Orders Rd, Grove City, OH

Other activities for children —

The American Heart Association name is owned by American Heart Association, Inc. Rush ACLS has no affiliation with American Heart Association.

Medical news

Teen worker saves senior's life

A 72-year-old man was dinning at the Skyline Chili restaurant when he suddenly collapsed to the floor due to a heart attack. Austin Goddard, a 16-year-old employee did not hesitate and inmediatly jumped to perform CPR on the almost dying man "My adrenaline was going and fear wasn't a factor at the moment, It kind of kicked in (later) and I was like, ‘Wow.' said the young hero. Paramedics arrived just in time to take the man to a medical center.

Full story

Nurse helps save man during morning workout

71-year-old Jack Bernard was playing racquet ball at the gym with a friend when he collapsed. 37-year-old Sarah Helton, an RN at the UC Health West Chester Hospital was there and knew she could help. She began CPR and someone else at the gym called 911. The staff at the gym had an AED that was also used on Bernard. Helton started CPR again until paramedics arrived. Bernard now has to stints in his chest but says that cannot wait to get back to his racquet ball games.

Full story

Woman saves a life while on her morning commute

Joanne Priest was driving to work when she noticed a neighbor who had quickly parked and looked concerned. She stopped to check and found that he was calling emergency services because a woman had collapsed on her morning walk. Priest had taken CPR training 10 years earlier and began performing CPR on the woman who had undergone full cardiac arrest. Paramedics arrived 9 minutes later. The woman recovered. She told Priest that she walks the neighborhood praying when they met at a luncheon for all involved to meet after the incident.

Full story

Woman saved from canoeing accident

A woman who was canoeing with her husband, suddenly fell off the vessel and got stuck under a log. She wasn’t dragged down, but the strong current forced so much water on her face that she couldn’t breathe. The inability to draw in oxygen eventually rendered her unconscious. Thankfully, she was dislodged and a stranger came over to help her. He performed CPR on her until she was able to breathe by herself. Paramedics came afterwards to resume the life support procedures. The woman was taken to the hospital, ever wanting to thank the stranger for going to her aid and ultimately saving her life.

Full story

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