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Try CPR at home with our inflatable manikin

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All study materials based on the latest American Heart Association guidelines are included, you have choice to read it online or print it. We also include a skills test sheet (optional).

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The test is multiple-choice format and covers patient scenarios and general course knowledge. The test has no time limit and there's no hassle of working around a classroom schedule.


You will receive your provider eCard after passing the online exam. If requested, we send a printed copy of your certificate the next day after you pass your exam.

Save money with Rush ACLS

If you purchase multiple BLS, ACLS or PALS training courses, you automatically receive a discount that is applied to the total purchase price at checkout.

Take advantage of this feature if you will need multiple certifications in the future. You can purchase in advance and complete the tests based upon your individual renewal schedule. Your Rush ACLS courses won’t expire!

All inclusive

When you purchase a course, everything is automatically included (there are no additional fees).

Also, you gain access to a personal “customer workroom.” In the customer workroom you can move freely through the course material at your own pace, take the exams, download your online provider eCard(s), keep track of past certifications, change your account information and more.

Based on AHA guidelines

The team at Rush ACLS is committed to staying up-to-date with the most recent emergency medical practices. Our ACLS, PALS & BLS courses follow 2020 American Heart Association guidelines for CPR and ECC. Our online classes are based on the latest AHA guidelines and are updated regularly.

Study online or print

After you purchase the course, you are given immediate access to the online training material allowing you to study directly from your computer. You can also print out a copy of the curriculum if you would prefer.

Online exam

All of the exams are multiple choice and 100% online. You must pass the exam with an 80% or greater. If you do not pass the first time, you are given two more attempts. You will be informed as to the questions you answered incorrectly.

No time limits

We impose no time limit on finishing your online PALS, BLS and ACLS classes. You can purchase all the classes you need today and complete the exams at your leisure. Furthermore, there are no time limits once you start the exam itself. You can take as much time as you need to complete the test once you begin. However, you will not be able to save your work and resume the exam at a later date.

Instant provider eCard

After you complete the test, you will be able to access a virtual copy of your ACLS, BLS or PALS certificate(eCard). You are given unlimited access to a virtual certificate(eCard) through the customer workroom. In case you lose your physical certificate, you can use this as proof of certification.

Hard copy certificate

Along with your ACLS, PALS or BLS instant provider eCard, we will ship you a hard-copy version of your eCard(certificate) in the mail using FedEx, if it is requested. You can keep this certificate in your wallet to use as proof of certification.

Free Federal Express shipping, upon request

Rush ACLS offers unprecedented, free FedEx shipping. Our competitors will charge you an additional $30.00 for next day shipping. This means that international shipping is also easy and free. The certificate is shipped only if it is requested.

Rush ACLS acceptance

Rush ACLS provides online PALS, ACLS and BLS training to customers throughout the United States and internationally. Our courses are based on the latest AHA guidelines. Try our online courses risk free and find out what thousands of nurses and doctors just like you already know: online recertification is the fastest, easiest way to recertify!

Healthy living in New Jersey

The team at Rush ACLS understands that the best way to fight heart attacks and cardiac arrests is to prevent them from ever happening. A great place to begin is to be active and to maintain a proper diet. Below, you can find some helpful ways to stay active and healthy in the state of New Jersey.

Active living

Approximately 3.8% of the population of New Jersey suffers from heart attacks. While not all heart attacks can be stopped, living a physically active lifestyle will certainly help you prevent them. Experts recommend 20–30 minutes of daily physical activity. Here are some ways that the residents of New Jersey can maintain a physically active life.

Change your daily routine

Often the best way to begin a more active life is to change some of the small things that you do every day.

Visit the beach

The New Jersey beaches are famous for being fun and beautiful. The beach is a great place to incorporate some daily physical activity. You can walk, run, play sports, build a sandcastle or just swim at the beach. Here is a guide to help you find a New Jersey beach.


Cycling is a good hobby if you want to stay physically active. Read the following website to find some good cycling trails in New Jersey.

Proper diet

Our New Jersey ACLS recertification professionals understand how maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to maintaining a healthy heart. One of the best ways to eat healthier is to learn how to shop healthier.

A Farmer’s Market is a great place to shop. You will always find fresh fruit, meat and vegetables and you will be supporting local farmers. Here is a website that will help you find a New Jersey farmer’s market.

For the kids

The rate of childhood obesity in New Jersey is 31%. It is critical for parents and guardians to keep their kids physically active. Below is a list of a few different New Jersey activities that are perfect for the whole family.

The American Heart Association name is owned by American Heart Association, Inc. Rush ACLS has no affiliation with American Heart Association.

The American Heart Association name is owned by American Heart Association, Inc. Rush ACLS has no affiliation with American Heart Association.

Medical news

Miraculous rescue: medical student saves woman's life in parking lot collapse

On a cold January morning, Karen Silverio's routine took a dramatic turn. While en route to her role as a practice patient for medical students, she suddenly collapsed in the parking lot of Rowan Virtua College of Osteopathic Medicine. Quick-thinking bystanders initiated CPR, and Krzysztof Zembrzuski, a medical student, joined in, using a defibrillator to shock her back to life. Miraculously, Silverio survived, her collapse attributed to a rare heart condition. Her mission now: educate medical professionals about this condition and emphasize the importance of CPR. For Zembrzuski, this life-saving experience reaffirmed his career choice in critical care anesthesiology.

Full story

Quick-thinking sons and first responders save coach's life during heart attack

A New Jersey man, James Hart, is praising his children and first responders for rescuing him from a heart attack following a basketball coaching session. James, who will soon celebrate two decades of marriage with his wife Yetunede, had a near-fatal "widow maker" heart attack with a complete artery blockage. Fortunately, his sons Daniel, Sam, and Gabriel acted swiftly. They performed CPR learned by Daniel at school while driving home. South Brunswick police officers, Kyle Klemas and Aaron Parks, arrived promptly, administering life-saving measures. James has no recollection, but his sons were honored with certificates for their heroic actions, emphasizing the importance of CPR knowledge.

Full story

Tragic loss: 12-year-old collapses and dies during football practice, sparks cpr certification debate

A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in Newark, New Jersey, as a 12-year-old boy, Elijah Jordon Brown-Garcia, collapsed and tragically died during youth football practice. Elijah, participating in his brother's practice, suddenly fell without any physical contact. Despite desperate calls for help, CPR was not administered promptly as the coach was absent. It took over 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, but Elijah could not be revived. His family believes that knowing CPR could have made a life-saving difference. Shockingly, there's no New Jersey law mandating CPR certification for coaches, and a previous bill proposing this requirement was vetoed over cost concerns.

Full story

Teen hero's quick thinking saves friend's life on the basketball court

A New Jersey town is commending the bravery of Ty'shawn James, a teenager who displayed remarkable courage when his friend faced a life-threatening crisis on a basketball court near Chester Elementary School in March. Ty'shawn's friend, who was later revealed to have congenital heart disease, suddenly collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. In a swift response, Ty'shawn dialed 911 and connected with dispatcher Stewart Matthew, who guided the 14-year-old through performing CPR. Ty'shawn, despite the immense pressure, executed the life-saving procedure flawlessly. Thanks to his quick actions and composure, his friend is now on the path to a full recovery.

Full story

Unidentified woman jumped to her death

A woman whose identity cannot be established jumped from the Route 21 overpass. Responders who first arrived at the scene immediately performed CPR and luckily gained a pulse. The victim was right away brought to the hospital but was later pronounced dead.

Full story

14-year old freshman suffered cardiac arrest

Gabriela Koziol and her teammates were doing sprints on their soccer practice. When they were finished, she suddenly felt dizzy and passed out. Her teammates' screams attracted the attenton of Head Coach Lynette Messina who came rushing and immediately performed CPR. Messina, who used to work as a lifeguard, is aware that performing continuous compressions is the right thing to do until paramedics arrive and she did just that. She did 30 compressions until help arrived then more compressions were performed on the victim until they successfully got a pulse back. She was later rushed to the hospital.

Full story

Nurse performed CPR on her victim

A 28-year-old nurse struck two male pedestrians while driving that Saturday evening. Allyse Gombas immediately got out of her car and performed CPR on the female victim, 28-year-old Danielle Frederick until paramedics arrived on the scene. Frederick was later brought to the hospital where she remained in critical condition. The other victim Vincent Mangione was treated only for minor injuries.

Full story

Football player resuscitated following pool incident

A footbal player from New Jersey’s Nottingham school was found unconscious on a pool them pulled and resuscitated by CPR techniques on the scene, the EMS service arrived just in time to make a quick transfer to the nearest hospital outside mercer county, the teen is currently safe and sound competing next to his team mates, all thanks to the proper training and quick thinking of the coaches.

Full story

ResQCPR a new life saving system

That’s how the new system is called, one that saved Douglas Murphy from a life threatening condition. It all began when the 63-year-old man, had symptoms associated with a cardiac arrest while working on his garden, his wife Lisa Battista called 911 and the police department was the first to arrive, they began administering CPR, afterwards the EMS services showed, bringing with them something “new”, a device called “ResQCPR”. The system is made to improve the blood flow more effectively than traditional CPR techniques, connecting chest and airway and helping the thorax rise up properly after a successful compression. “It’s exciting because it brings about a technology that hasn’t been available in the past for improving these types of situations,” said EMS worker James Dolan, the patient is successfully recovering after a cardiac catheterization, he is now one of the many success stories of the ResQCPR system.

Full story

Respiratory therapist saves man's life while shopping at Costco

Respiratory Therapist Marisol Flynn was shopping when she heard a commotion arise. She went over and found a man collapsed on the floor in cardiac arrest. Flynn began performing CPR and was assisted by others to call 911 and locate an AED. Flynn connected the AED machine, but was not prompted to use shocks. Flynn continued with CPR until paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital.

Full story

State trooper saves 8 month old

State Trooper Benjamin Hockin responded to a 911 call regarding an unconscious baby. The family doctor was performing CPR on the child but she had no pulse. The officer used an AED to administer a shock to the baby and continued CPR until the ambulance arrived. The baby is expected to recover from the incident.

Full story