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  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

  •       Up to 8 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™
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If you purchase multiple ACLS, PALS or BLS training courses, we will automatically give you a discount that will be applied to your total purchase price.

Grab this feature now if you will be needing more than one certification in the future. The Rush ACLS courses won’t expire so you can even purchase in advance and complete the tests based on your individual renewal schedule.

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Also, you will gain access to a personal “customer workroom” where you can do many activities at your own pace. In the customer workroom, you can move freely through the course material, complete the tests, keep track of past certifications, and change your account information. This is also where you can download your online provider eCard(s).

Based on AHA guidelines

The people behind Rush ACLS are committed to giving you the latest emergency medical practices. Our ACLS, PALS & BLS courses follow 2020 American Heart Association guidelines for CPR and ECC. Our online classes are based on the latest AHA guidelines and are updated regularly.

Study online or print

You will have immediate access to the online training material once the purchase is complete. This allows you to study directly from your computer. You may also print out a copy of the curriculum, if you would prefer.

Online exam

All of the exams are multiple choice and will be taken online. You must pass the exam with an 80% or greater and if you fail the first time, you will have two more attempts. We will let you know the questions you did not answer correctly.

No time limits

We enforce no time limit when it comes to completing your online ACLS, BLS and PALS classes. You can get all the courses you need today and finish the tests on your own schedule. Also, there is no time limit when taking the test itself. Once you begin answering, you can take as much time as you need to finish the test. However, you’re not allowed to save your work and resume the unfinished test on another day.

Instant provider eCard

Once you complete the test a virtual copy of your BLS, PALS or ACLS certificate(eCard) will be accessible. You will have unlimited access to this eCard through the customer workroom. You can use it as proof of certification if you ever lose your physical certificate.

Hard copy certificate

Aside from your ACLS, PALS or BLS instant provider eCard, we will also be shipping you a hard copy version of your eCard(certificate) via FedEx, if requested. Keep this certificate in your wallet at all times as your proof of certification.

Free Federal Express shipping, if requested

Rush ACLS offers unequalled, free shipping using FedEx. Our competitors will ask for an additional $30.00 for next-day shipping. This means that international shipping is also free and easy. The provider certificate is shipped only, upon request.

Rush ACLS acceptance

Rush ACLS offers online BLS, ACLS and PALS training to customers across the United States and the world. We based our courses on the most recent guidelines of the American Heart Association. Online recertification is the easiest and most convenient way to recertify according to thousands of nurses and doctors like you. So try our risk-free online courses today!

Staying healthy in Massachusetts

The team at Rush ACLS would like to welcome our Massachusetts ACLS, PALS and BLS certification customers to the section of the website that we developed to help the residents of Massachusetts lead a healthy lifestyle. Read on to discover some ways a resident of Massachusetts can stay active and healthy.

Active lifestyle

Leading a physically active life can significantly help in the prevention of heart disease. Below are some suggestions for the residents of Massachusetts to be physically active.

Cross-country skiing

Instead of hiding under the covers of your blanket during winter, why don’t you try to go outside and have a little bit of fun? On winter in Massachusetts, one of the exciting activities you can do is cross-country skiing. It allows you to explore the state’s beautiful white sceneries and at the same time have a good cardio workout. Cross-country skiing is a fun activity that you can do alone or with the whole family. It’s easy to learn and the equipment used is not at all complicated so even kids can easily navigate their way through magnificent views. So when you cross-country ski, you won’t only enjoy beautiful surroundings, you’re also doing your health and body a huge favor.

Hiking and walking

Hiking and walking are two activities that you can do all-year round. You don’t have to wait for winter or for when the weather heats up. Both are activities you can do every day. Massachusetts has countless places to walk — from charming towns and cities to lovely beaches and countryside. Walking is a great activity for people of all ages in all season. There are also hiking trails across the state — each one offers distinct terrain and sights. You can choose a hiking trail based on your individual interest. The options are endless. Hiking and walking allow you to see great sceneries but they also give your body a good exercise. You will burn calories and lower the risk of heart disease by walking or hiking for hours.

Healthy eating

As our Massachusetts PALS, BLS and ACLS certification customers understand, obesity is related to a variety of heart-related complications. It is vital for the residents of Massachusetts to eat healthy.

Buying your groceries at a farmers market is a fantastic way to help you eat healthy. When you shop at a farmers market, you are also supporting local farmers. The following site can help you find a farmers market near you.

For the children

The childhood obesity rate in Massachusetts is about 14.5%. It is important for parents and guardians to make sure that their children are eating well and getting exercise. Below are some good activities for the whole family.

Franklin Park Zoo — Central Wharf Boston, MA

Horseneck Beach State Reservation — Rte 88, Westport Point, MA

Six Flags New England — 1623 Main Street, Route 159 Agawam, MA

Stone Zoo — 149 Pond Street, Boston MA

Other kids activities —

The American Heart Association name is owned by American Heart Association, Inc. Rush ACLS has no affiliation with American Heart Association.

Medical news

Shop employer saves customer

Becky Hand was the hero of the day at ShopRite Store when she managed to save the life of a female customer that passed out right when she was paying at the cashier. The heroic employee quickly rushed and checked the pulse of the shopper, after finding none she began to administer CPR maneuvers, “I checked for a pulse to see if there was breathing, And then I began compressions.” said hand. The assistant manager Don Morgan had prepared an AED (short for automated external defibrillator) but after 30 seconds the customer managed to come back to her senses. “ShopRite is very proud of our employees, Their quick action speaks to their dedication as ShopRite associates.” said Karen O’shea, a spokesperson for ShopRite stores.

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Girl saved by off duty officer

Detective Angel Barbosa was enjoying Memorial Day weekend with his family at the Fencroft Country Club when he noticed that a girl was drowning. He revived the 6-year-old girl using CPR. When first responders arrived on scene, the girl had a pulse and was breathing. She has recovered and is doing well.

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