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Try CPR at home with our inflatable manikin

Try CPR at home with our inflatable manikin

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All study materials based on the latest American Heart Association guidelines are included, you have choice to read it online or print it. We also include a skills test sheet (optional).

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The test is multiple-choice format and covers patient scenarios and general course knowledge. The test has no time limit and there's no hassle of working around a classroom schedule.


You will receive your provider eCard after passing the online exam. If requested, we send a printed copy of your certificate the next day after you pass your exam.

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Get huge Discount when you purchase multiple PALS, ACLS or BLS training courses!

You may need multiple certifications in the future so you must take advantage of this deal. Make the purchase in advance and then take the exams on your individual renewal schedule. Rush ACLS courses won’t expire!

All inclusive

You will get all of these when you purchase the course (no extra charges).

You will also gain access to a personal “customer workroom” where you can browse through the course material at your own pace, take the exams, change your account information, keep track of past certifications, download your online provider eCard(s), and many more.

Based on AHA guidelines

Our staff at Rush ACLS is always updated when it comes to the newest emergency medical practices. Our ACLS, PALS & BLS courses follow 2020 American Heart Association guidelines for CPR and ECC. Our online classes are based on the latest AHA guidelines and are updated regularly.

Study online or print

After you bought the courses you need, you can access the online training material letting you study the material on your computer. Or you can also print out a copy of the curriculum.

Online exam

All of the tests are done online and are multiple choice. You will be given up to 3 attempts to get a passing grade of 80% or greater to pass the exam. We will notify you on the questions you answered incorrectly.

No time limits

We don’t enforce time limits on your online BLS, ACLS and PALS classes. You can make the purchase today and complete the exams any time you’re available. We also don’t enforce time limits on the exam itself. But you’re not allowed to save your work and then resume it at a later date.

Instant provider eCard

When you complete the test, you will be given access to a virtual copy of your ACLS, PALS or BLS certificate(eCard). You will get unlimited access to the virtual certificate(eCard) through the customer workroom. You can use it as proof of certification if you lose your physical certificate.

Hard copy certificate

Along with your BLS, PALS or ACLS instant provider eCard, we will also send you a hard-copy version of the eCard(certificate) in the mail using FedEx, if requested. Always have this certificate available to be used as proof of certification.

Free Federal Express shipping, upon request

While our competitors will charge you for additional fee of $30.00 for next-day shipping, Rush ACLS offers it for free. This means that we also provide international shipping. The certificate is shipped if it is requested.

Rush ACLS acceptance

Online BLS, ACLS and PALS training courses are available from Rush ACLS throughout the United States and internationally. We based our courses on the newest American Heart Association guidelines. Thousands of medical professionals can confirm that online recertification is the most convenient way to recertify so try our online courses now!

Healthy living in Idaho

Thank you for visiting the section of our website devoted to helping the residents of Idaho maintain a healthy heart. On this page, you will find a variety of activities that the residents of Idaho can do to help prevent cardiac arrest, heart disease and other heart-related emergencies. We want to encourage our Idaho ACLS, PALS and BLS certification customers to use this information as a health resource.

Active lifestyle

The adult obesity rate in Idaho is 29.6%. Obesity is a root cause for a variety of heart-related health issues. Humans need daily physical activity to stay healthy. Experts agree that 20–30 minutes of physical activity per day is adequate. In an effort to help the residents of Idaho stay physically active, here are some suggestions.


Skiing is a great way to exercise and there’s no better place to do it than in Idaho. Idaho is home to many ski destinations and finding one to your own preference is easy. There are also many popular resorts in Idaho that offer skiing and boarding. Aside from the joy one gets from skiing, many people ski for its health benefits. Your feet carry the weight of your body when you ski and this activity strengthens your knee joints which make injuries less likely to happen later in life. Your cardiovascular system benefits well when you ski, increasing blood circulation and brining more oxygen and nutrients to your oxygen.


If you want to burn calories, hiking is a good physical activity to do it. It’s also a great excuse to get out and get some fresh air. Hiking in Idaho is a fun activity that will allow you to enjoy nature and have a great exercise at the same time. The state has over 19,000 miles of trails so it won’t be a problem finding a hiking trail to your preference. You can also look for bike trails if that’s what you prefer. You can build the muscles in your lower legs and hips while doing hiking as well as improve your balance and boosting your mood. Aside from the positive impact you can get from hiking, you can also lessen the risk of heart disease.

Proper diet

If you are an Idaho PALS, BLS or ACLS medical professional you know the importance of maintaining a healthy diet when it comes to the prevention of cardiac-related issues. Here is a great resource from the University of Idaho to help you learn how to eat correctly.

Also, a farmer’s market is a good way to buy healthy, organic food while supporting local farmers. Visit this site to find an Idaho farmer’s market near you.

For the kids

Childhood obesity is a major problem in the United States. Here are some great things to do with the whole family.

Julia Davis Park — 700 S. Capitol Boulevard, Boise, ID

Silverwood Theme Park — 26225 North Highway 95, Athol ID

Zoo Boise — 355 Julia Davis Dr. Boise, ID

Settler’s Park and Adventure Island Playground — 3401 S. Meridian Rd, Meridian, ID

Other Idaho activities —

The American Heart Association name is owned by American Heart Association, Inc. Rush ACLS has no affiliation with American Heart Association.

The American Heart Association name is owned by American Heart Association, Inc. Rush ACLS has no affiliation with American Heart Association.

Medical news

Local teens hailed as heroes for rescuing drowning men in lake coeur d'alene

Three local teenagers are being hailed as heroes for their quick actions in saving two men from drowning in Lake Coeur d’Alene. Lane Stidham, a 19-year-old North Idaho College student, was at the beach when he heard commotion near the dock. He and his friends rushed to the scene and began performing CPR on one man while another teen jumped into the lake to rescue the second man. After relentless CPR efforts, one of the men regained consciousness. Both were taken to Kootenai Health, and one has been released, while the other is in stable condition. Stidham, however, remains humble, saying they did what anyone else would have done.

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Father saves drowning son using lifesaving app knowledge

Strapped in the car, heading to a Dallas hospital, Tyler Morgan used his phone's camera to record a terrifying moment. His two-year-old son, Beckham, nearly drowned at a pool party. Due to a lightning warning, the pool was off-limits, but Beckham's attraction to water led him in. A teen rescuer pulled Beckham from the water, lifeless and purple-faced. Amid the chaos, Tyler jumped into action. He performed CPR, relying on knowledge from an app developed by his company, Trivie. Beckham coughed, resumed breathing, and was saved. Immediate CPR is crucial, as only about 40% of such cases receive it in the U.S., where cardiac arrests claim around 90% of victims.

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Toddler’s life saved in daycare eart

A three-year-old boy was playing outside the Palouse Hills Day School when he stopped breathing and started turning blue. His playmate ran to the adults and alerted them about the toddler’s predicament. Daycare workers immediately responded to the scene and applied their CPR training on the unconscious boy. They began with chest compressions until successfully getting the boy to breathe. They also used a defibrillator to help the child breathe without support. The child was transferred to a hospital to get proper care, although he fought off the paramedics who were trying to ventilate him. The cause of the incident is unknown.

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